Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slimming Sill Slabs

The Miata came with spiffy polished sill plates.  I have considered removing them in the past to save weight, but they appeared to be holding the carpet down, which I appreciated.  I recently realized I could slim them down to at least save a little weight.  After pulling them off, my decision to keep them was confirmed when I saw how unattractive the bare sills look.
I decided where I wanted to cut and then trimmed them.  I had to keep the Miata script.

I cleaned up the cuts with a file and hit the back with some of the rubberized undercoating to try to prevent them from rattling.  They previously had some double stick tape in addition to the screws.

After a lengthy drying period, I reinstalled everything.
Weight Savings:  8 oz.

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