Monday, November 5, 2012

What I Have Learned

Piece of cake.
Now that I got the spark plugs out and the motorcycle on the lift, I have learned some things.  All of them bad:
1.  The right cylinder looks pretty bad inside.  There appears to be some rust and possibly even standing liquid inside.  This means a complete engine tear-down/rebuild is probably needed.  I choose to view this as not a bad thing (hopefully it isn't an expensive thing), but a learning opportunity.

2.  It seems I can only get the transmission into first and neutral.  This indicates transmission problems.  Another learning opportunity.

3.  In first gear with the clutch released, the back wheel spins freely but the engine doesn't even think about spinning.  So it would seem I have clutch problems.  One more learning oppo....who am I kidding.  This thing is a disaster.  And I love it.

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