Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Strip Show Redux

Starting to look pretty bare.
It was time to tackle the intimidating electricals, not to mention the hydraulics.

Before I did that, I started with something easy:  the final drive unit.
It wasn't too bad.  I just had to disconnect the rear brake, remove the brake shoes, take off the shock then remove four nuts.  A couple smacks with the trusty dead blow hammer loosened it up and the job was done.

Now it was time for the electricals.  I actually made video of me removing them, but I will spare you that fun.  I like to save absurd videos for the house-related posts.
There were a couple tricky connectors and things, but it wasn't too bad.  The worst part is that I unplugged everything inside the headlight when I didn't need to.  It may never go back together.  Thank god I have a full-color wiring diagram.

The instrument panel came off first.

Then the headlight.
This is before I tore into it.
 And everything with it.
The infamous wiring harness.  I only know what 1/4 of the wires are for.

Hand grips and controls were next.

And the handlebars themselves.

Here is my inspiration for the entire project:  the handlebar mounts.  They are amazing - raw aluminum in the perfect shape.
Aerodynamic perfection.

There was also the master cylinder and the front caliper.

I also have some part purchases to report.  I ordered the exhaust nut wrench along with a bunch of random maintenance parts like gaskets and oil filters.  I also got the rebuild kit for my carbs.  All of it came from

I also made some ebay purchases.  All from one seller, I got header/exhaust pipes, a rear subframe, and a timing chain cover to basically replace the one I broke the bolt in.  These are all identical parts to what I have, but they are cheap and allow me to keep the original parts in-tact in the off chance I want to return to stock someday.

I also picked up a new front fender five minutes ago.

Before all that, I got a new air box.

Here's some fun numbers.  The price to get these parts new and what I payed.  All prices not including shipping.
Air box:  $160 new; $30 ebay
Rear frame:  $592.94 new; $32 ebay
Exhaust:  $478.58 new; $65 ebay
Timing cover:  $356.72 new; $36 ebay
Front fender:  $188.66 new; $10 ebay

I have reached an interesting milestone - I have now spent more on parts and miscellaneous stuff for the motorcycle than I paid for the motorcycle itself.  Does this project make sense any more?  I don't think it ever did.

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