Saturday, January 2, 2016

Full Term Baby!

Well holy cow, people! We made it to full term. I'm not going to lie, there were tears of joy when I realized we have made it this far and a very real happy dance. This pregnancy has had its share of hiccups but between Hope being a determined little trooper and Andy encouraging me to be positive and relaxed, we have made it to the home stretch. I feel great and most importantly, I have managed to enjoy being pregnant. I feel like we have been relaxed and mellow as much as possible so far, and that is exactly the attitude we are taking in these final weeks (or days!). I feel incredibly blessed and I am looking forward to holding our little one very soon. With 20 days or less in the queue we are pumped!
Full Term on NYE! This was taken at 1am. I was exhausted.

I had a Dr appointment on Monday (they are weekly now) and Hope is locked and loaded. I had a strong feeling that she was in the correct position weeks ago and I was right! She lined herself up like she has done this before; I am super excited she seems as prepared for this delivery as I am. She seems like she is going to be a champ through this process which is great because I have had tons of labor signs coming on. I have Braxton Hicks contractions very frequently now (practice, non-painful contractions) and I have had more than a handful of real and uncomfortable contractions. My body is definitely telling me something is changing. This type of stuff can go on for weeks so I'm not saying she is coming tomorrow, I'm just saying my body is doing what it needs to and we should have a baby in our arms in 3 weeks or less. ;) In fact, on the 30th I had so many frequent and uncomfortable contractions that grew stronger and closer together (no matter what I did) that I thought for sure I was going to have her that night! Nope. She changed her mind. See? Babies do what they want. Luckily, that meant we got to ring in the new year with our friends! We had a great time at Dave's super classy soiree. I called it a night just after midnight but I was glad we went out, it was great to see so many of our friends. I have a feeling that may not be so easy in the very near future...

Hope is measuring perfectly normal on all fronts; the Dr said she is a small baby (long but not a chunkster). She is estimated to be between 5 and 6 lbs right now with a normal head size. Andy and I are pleased as this should make delivery slightly easier than if she were a chunky baby. All in all we seem to be set for delivery any day, we have washed all of her things, set up her nursery and finished all of our classes. Honestly, being the planner I am, I am very happy to have that all finished because I feel like a ticking time bomb! I wish there was a way to know when/how it is all going to go down. Seriously, it feels so weird making plans I may have to cancel! Luckily it would be a very good excuse and my friends are almost as excited as I am to meet this little one.

Here is her first load of laundry. Oh the cuteness, I can't even. Whenever you are ready Hope. :)

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