Saturday, January 16, 2016

39 Weeks

I am in the final week! I spent so much time saying "if I could just get pregnant," and then most of the pregnancy saying "I just need to stay pregnant," it feels surreal to be in the home stretch with my apps saying things like "Birth is imminent" and "Have you had your baby yet?" (low blow, app!). I am so grateful to be in this final week. I still feel really good; yes it is hard to roll over and my hips feel like bowls of soup most of the time (Andy doesn't know what I'm talking about either) but other than that, I feel like myself just um...noticeably pregnant. The grocery store folks insist on pushing my cart and unloading my groceries. This makes me very uncomfortable for some reason. I just look at them with sideways eye as I repeatedly say "I can definitely do all of this myself." They brush me off like I'm lying and it is their duty to lug my groceries into my car. Again, I feel great, and capable.
I'm running out of fabric on this shirt!

Speaking of feeling great, putting the stress of the holidays and my very hectic work schedule behind me for maternity leave had a serious impact on me. I LOVE Maternity Leave; naps are freaking better than I ever remembered (ah, just like the good ol' days of college) and I get so much done at home. This relaxation and stress free living completely stopped my contractions. I'm serious. After 37 weeks all signs of labor just vanished into thin air and Hope decided she quite likes where she is. I may be pregnant forever guys, but at least I won't be complaining about it!

My doctor appointments have all been textbook. Fluid levels (like I'm a car) are good, baby is in the correct position still, measurements are all spot on, and she is still very active (a sign of a healthy environment). So, it seems like my doctor is OK with me being pregnant forever as well. My only complaint is I am really looking forward to meeting Hope. She needs to come out for that to happen. Don't bother telling me about walking and sex and spicy this and whatever other old wives tales you have. Why? Because I've done them all, and they have been done through the whole pregnancy (none of them are very odd behavior). So, in short, old wives tales are stupid and this baby will be born when she is ready. No complaining people, just be patient. Also, I might throw in that making it to one's due date is never a bad thing.

Tuesday is my next appointment; they will schedule an induction date then so there is actually an end in sight.

I'll have that update for you soon along with some craft projects that have filled my (not so) lazy afternoons.

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