Tuesday, January 19, 2016

40 Week Appointment Update

As promised, I attended my appointment today. It is confirmed, Hope would like to avoid the whole birthing process and live comfortably (for her!) inside forever.

Just kidding.

Induction date? Set. January 28th is the big day, well, to get things started at least. Kaiser allows 3 days for an induction to progress as naturally as possible. This is fantastic in my opinion because I was terrified of having an induction and being rushed through it, which can lead to stress on the baby, mom, and if your doctor is very impatient, can lead to a c-section. I'd like to avoid major abdominal surgery thank-you-very-much. Also, I am set up with a midwife instead of a Doctor, another cool option to allow labor to progress more naturally (Doctors really get a bad wrap about rushing deliveries; I don't have any facts. It has just permeated my brain). If your body is slow to respond to the medications they stop them and give you a break to eat, sleep, shower, and relax. Then they try again the next day. If I have to go this route, I'm happy I won't be on a tight time table.

Going over a due date isn't unusual but they do have increased concerns, of course. The biggest is the placenta providing enough for the baby (it starts to deteriorate toward the end of pregnancy), so I am set up for twice weekly non-stress tests. I'm not clear on the specifics, but I know it involves me being hooked up to a machine and relaxing while they monitor the baby's heart beat and activity levels. I have no doubt Hope will pass with flying colors; she is still very active and loves to stretch and kick, but it is certainly better to be safe.

This is how serene and lovely it is to be doing an NST after passing your due date! Joy!

As for measurements, my doctor said Hope had a little bit of a growth spurt. She is much bigger than she was two weeks ago. Nothing too crazy. She is obviously still long but now my doctor estimates that her size will be in the 7lb range. She does this by physically feeling the baby and guessing based on her years of experience (admitting it is only a guess). I'm glad Hope is thriving (good job body!).

Just none of this please!

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