Monday, October 26, 2015

More Door Days

When we refinished all our doors, we didn't do the one between the living room and garage because we didn't want it removed for an extended period.
We finally got around to it.  I documented the process a little better this time.
Before, scratch marks and all
First coat of stripper soaking in
The first, most satisfying scrape
After scraping off the first coat of stripper
After the second coat of stripper, which was rubbed in with steel wool then scraped off
Eventually, the stripper even destroyed the "chemical resistant" gloves.  Burning flesh is not fun.
Half sanded
Smoothed with ultra-fine steel wool
Oiled.  It isn't really that shiny.
Keep in mind all the above steps have to be done on both sides of the door.  Ugh.
While all that was happening, I was also worked on the hardware. Since it worked so well on the other doors, I just painted everything flat black.
Lots of screws.

Once everything was ready, it was time to hang the door again.  I started by sticking a couple toothpicks in all the holes.  That helps prevent them from stripping.

Getting the heavy, fire rated door back in place was a challenge, but we got it.

It was finally time for hardware.

And here's the finished product.  We think it's a big improvement.  Next up are the front doors, which are going to be more annoying because they aren't big flat slabs like all the others, and they can't really be off for long at all.


  1. Dayuuummmmnnnn... those some good looking doors.

    - Wilkins

  2. Dayuuummmmnnnn... those some good looking doors.

    - Wilkins