Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's Curtains for Us

Both of our bathrooms feature sliding shower doors on the tubs.  As my mother pointed out, they tend to make life miserable, so we decided to get rid of them in the guest bath.

The first step was to remove the doors an the top bar.

The side bars came out easily too, but the bottom piece of frame was glued down pretty well.  It took some serious yet gentle prying to get it off.

Next we had to clean off all the old glue and gunk that stayed behind.

I also cleaned up the holes from the side rails in preparation for caulking.

Ready for the next step.

We got a curtain rod that permanently attaches to the walls, with stainless steel screws.  Tension rods might attack a tugging toddler.  The rod is aluminum, so hopefully we avoid rust.  It is also a double rod, so it can hang towels in addition to the curtain.

Chrissy took this opportunity to re-caulk the entire tub, as well as the holes in the wall from the old frame.
We got the curtain and liner at Home Goods for something like $20, and they match the room perfectly.  We think it looks much nicer and makes the tub much more usable, especially for parents leaning over the edge bathing babies.

This project was pretty simple and made a big difference in our bathroom.  I encourage everyone to ditch their dated doors.
I'm happy to report we put the old doors and frame on Craigslist and someone picked them up, so they will get a second life.

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