Saturday, October 10, 2015

Glamorous Garage

As you may recall, we had a bit of a plumbing incident above the front bathroom back in 2013, which resulted in the loss of the drywall in the garage.  It is finally repaired.

After a lot of procrastination, the first step was putting in new insulation and drywall.  Thankfully I got expert help from my brother back in January.

This photo shows how close David got when eyeballing one inch.  Not bad!  We had to do this because the stupid Harbor Freight drywall square was far from square.

The metal corner piece stuck out a bit, so we stapled some cardboard behind the drywall to bring it out a touch.

Drywalling complete.

After a little more procrastination we added tape and mud in March.

I finally got around to painting just recently.

The bathtub vent was a little rusty, so I gave it a quick coat of Rust-Oleum.
After.  Yes; only two screws.
And finally, here's the finished product (including a lot of odd shadowing), with an outlet plate and everything.  The cord you can see charges the Plug-In Prius. I got a do-dad that prevents the cord from sticking straight out into the walkway.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find one at Home Depot with an outlet pointing upward.
Here's the before shot one more time.

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