Sunday, April 6, 2014

Swinging Stemware

We decided we wanted to clear out some cabinet space, and the easiest way would be to move the stemware.  It made sense to put them in the "bar" area, so I built some hanging racks.

I started with "T molding" which is meant to go on the floor between two different types of flooring.  We bought ten feet and got twelve pieces out of it.  We went with mahogany so it would somewhat match the existing wood.

 I pre-drilled each piece.

And countersunk them.

Then a couple coats of Danish Oil.

I carefully calculated how far apart each piece should be and marked the underside of the shelf.

I started the stainless steel screws in every piece.

Then I screwed them in.  Notice how I staggered the margarita glasses and champagne flutes since the margarita glasses were too wide to fit side-by-side.  This project enabled us do another upcoming project.  Stay tuned.

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