Thursday, September 17, 2015

Panel Position - Pekema Projects on the Road

Bad Placement
I inherited my love of hot tubs from my parents.  They have had a tub for several years, but it has one unfortunate design issue.  The electronic control panel is pretty much inside the hot tub, so it is exposed to lots of steam and moisture, causing it to fail multiple times.  That is what inspired me to find a hot tub with the controls on the outside, away from the water.
Good Placement
As usual, Dad wanted to be like me, so he bought a replacement panel and a freaky drill bit, then brought in his expendable son.

In no time at all we had bored out a recess for the panel, making a great mess along the way.

After the rough work with the drill, a chisel cleaned everything up.
Dad provided me with the world's dorkiest safety goggles.
After installing the control panel in the front cover of the tub with some precision caulking and a little cleanup with the trusty Shop-Vac, we were ready to button everything up.

Everything went together smoothly and it looks great.  Hopefully this will be a more robust setup.

My mom will be adding some material to the cover that will protect the control panel from direct exposure to the elements.

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