Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halfway there!

If it seems like I have been MIA, it's because I have. We flew past the halfway point in this pregnancy, somehow, and ended up in Mexico for a week. Since our gender announcement so much has happened, so I've broken a very lengthy blog into two. One will be just the pregnancy update and the second will be the Babymoon/Birthday extravaganza that was Riviera Cancun. This is just the pregnancy update but since I hit 21 weeks in Mexico, below is a picture of my bare bump!! Viewer discretion is advised.
Naked Bump in Mexico!!
Lets start off with this--my secret is out! The world is well aware that I'm pregnant and I'm not talking about you readers. I'm talking strangers. All of them. They are on to me. No more curious stares by the occasional person trying to discern if that was indeed a bump they saw. Now it is full on, how far along are you? I'm happy to share of course and only one person has pointed out that it looks like I'm much further along. Everyone else seems to just want to bask in the pregnancy glow (and are so polite). I can relate; I liked doing that before I got pregnant too, so bask away strangers.

Ok, now lets get the ugly out of the way. I had a follow-up appointment to the anatomy scan (the one that tells you gender). That little scan also tells you a whole lot more about your baby and you. We had a little hiccup with me. Hope is a champ, thriving and growing, however, I was diagnosed with Complete Placenta Previa. What is that awful scariness you ask? I had no idea until my doctor explained it to me, with pictures. It just means the placenta didn't connect in the right place in early pregnancy (where baby implants) and it is blocking the exit. The problems? Well there are a whole myriad of them, but they aren't a huge issue until the 3rd trimester. Unfortunately, I have a severe case and if it doesn't self correct I will need a C-Section as it is not possible to deliver the placenta first. Want to know if there are remedies? There aren't any; we just wait to see if the placenta moves up as the uterus grows (since it is attached). Holistics, midwives, and doulas all say this is the one situation where a C-section is "a miracle blessing." I'm not kidding, those homeopathic healers won't touch this with a million foot pole. Fun. Even acupuncturists say they can only assist with marginal placenta previa and those with complete (like me) must stay with western medicine.

On the bright side, they found it early, so my doctor put me on very limited activity (I can basically only walk a little bit a day) and complete pelvic rest (no sex! AHHH!!!). This will limit the risk of any complications or emergency C-sections. This gives Hope the best opportunity to stay put so we are following doctor's orders. Secondly, we have a follow up ultrasound to see if the placenta has moved enough with the growing uterus. This will be at 28 weeks when I'm nice and big. If it doesn't move by then, my doctor will plan on a C-section, likely put me on bed rest and monitor me very closely. For now, we just take it easy and there shouldn't be any problems. I know this is all a bit much and scary, but trust me, don't be worried. A clinical trial showed that 84% of women with my same issue had corrected itself by 32 weeks gestation.

I took a week to be scared out of my mind about this but I honestly believe everything will be fine (84% people!). Even if the placenta doesn't move and we have her a little earlier than expected by C-section it will be ok. I have every confidence she will be perfectly healthy and I will be fine as well. my doctor and my NP mother-in-law agree. So, no need for stress.

Lets move on to brighter things. How about the fact that I'm 22 weeks already!!! 20 weeks is the official halfway mark and boy howdy did it sneak up on me.

Bump at 20 weeks
I'm so grateful to be chugging along in this pregnancy and getting nice and round. Also, I am in full second trimester glow (or, I at least feel that way). I feel fantastic, sexy, and ready to take on the world. I love my new curves. I thought gaining this weight would make me uncomfortable and at first I was worried what other people would think, but now? I'm feeling like my body is incredible. I can't believe it is doing all of these amazing things to grow another human. And that little human? She is a firecracker already. Lord help us.

She has so much personality already and it cracks us up. She is very strong with nice big kicks and punches for a few weeks now (baby flutters before that). It is hands down the coolest most amazing feeling ever. And luckily for me, she is extremely active. I feel her all day bouncing around in there. Even before I could feel her, my doctor would always comment on how active she was. Sometimes it honestly feels like she is squishing up to one side just to push off to the other. Like she is swimming laps or something! Hope has quite the legs on her, and she loves to remind me of her presence. That sassy little girl kicked me right in my bladder and it was instantaneous that I had to pee. I swear she is laughing in there. She is also super responsive, I can jiggle my tummy, drink something cold, or sneeze and she just starts bouncing around like it's a party. Sometimes I mess with her just to get her to move; it isn't mean spirited though. Its because I am marveling at her individuality. How does she have so much spirit already? Hey, the kid has spunk. Can't imagine where she gets that from...

At the end of 18 weeks Andy was able to feel her move for the first time and since then has enjoyed plenty of belly kicks. I love being able to share a part of the pregnancy with him. We feel so connected to her and can't wait to meet her.

Up Next on Pekema Projects: Babymoon and lots of photos!

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