Monday, August 17, 2015

So, Nudist Colony?

I'm 17 weeks along (nearly halfway!) and it still feels like this pregnancy is all in my head. Everyone is lying and I'm just getting fat right? Between 18 and 20 weeks we will found out the gender (Get your bets in) and I should start feeling the baby move consistently. I am hoping that makes it all more real for me and I'm sure Andy is looking forward to that too. Don't worry, as soon as we know the gender we will update you guys; don't expect any talk of names though. Learning our child's gender will be the start of the EPIC BATTLE of selecting a name. This is the one time in our relationship where we just can't seem to agree. At all. So, if baby comes and there isn't a name I won't be surprised.

I think it will be my stomach entering the room first very soon.

I had a glimpse of the glorious second trimester energy, it was spectacular. I didn't need a nap, I was able to get a brisk walk done and even did all of my housework. I felt like myself again until the next day when my body was screaming at me to nap the day away. I obliged. 

Lets talk about that body for a minute. I lived in a world of beautiful oblivion before becoming pregnant. I thought the only real change was the belly. That is the only change I ever noticed when my friends were pregnant so therefore, that must be the case. It isn't. For me, my hips expanded a measurable distance (yes, already and yes, it is painful). It may not be noticeable but it means that my normal pre-pregnancy pants don't go over my hips at all anymore. I had to forget about using a belly band just to cover the zipper portion, some women can. I can't. I also curse at my various adorable normal pants that I may never wear again. Sometimes in the wind you can hear the faint screams of "no skinny bitches" echoing from my closet. I'll adjust.

Note: I have Never been, nor will I ever be a size 0.

On a serious note, we must discuss my bellybutton. I loved my pre-pregnancy button. It was so stinking cute. A perfect innie in my book and just the right shape. Now? My button is a totally weird, oversize mess. I am fairly certain that sucker is going to be an outie anytime. It is already showing signs, I just hope it recovers. Andy's contribution to this discussion? "Oh yeah, that thing is a goner".   
Here is a note to any future parents, women: if you are pregnant, get maternity clothes whenever you want. As early as you need to or as late as you want. Men: Encourage your lady to go shopping if you find them with their pants half pulled up sitting on the floor crying. It happens. Get their beautiful changing bodies to the store. Ladies, don't be afraid to be comfortable, maternity clothes have made me feel like myself again. There are absolutely affordable, cute, and comfortable maternity clothes that will fit you even if you are still on the smaller side. For me, because I'm super tall, I found the full panel (a stretchy bit that covers the belly) worked the best for me. They allow me to adjust length easily and keep my growing belly covered even when my shirts aren't quite long enough. Also, they seem to keep my shirts from riding up. I was able to find work pants at Motherhood Maternity and casual clothes at Old Navy. I didn't feel comfortable buying maternity clothes online because of my odd sizes but now that I've tried some on I am much more confident in my online shopping. I highly recommend seeing what works for you before hitting the web.

This is a full panel, so comfy. So hold my shirt downy. :)
At Motherhood Maternity they gave me this awesome gift bag of coupons and samples with my purchase; it included a Shutterfly coupon (YES!). Also, it had a few newborn disposable diapers and a Nuk pacifier. My first thought was, why are they giving me these? I'm serious. They are sitting on my desk right now looking at me and I still feel like they don't belong.

Please tell me I'll realize what is happening!!!

In summary, I will continue to hold off on joining a nudist colony for now. I am definitely feeling better and will pace myself getting back into my normal groove. And finally, my bump hits things because I'm not used to it sticking out so far. Another adjustment. I'm sensing a trend...

Until next time my lovelies. I'm off to eat. Again.

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  1. Sometimes it still doesn't feel real even when you start to feel them move around more. It's like wow, that was a big gas bubble, should be careful what I eat next time. It's an underly amazing concept for one to grasp that you have another human being inside you. Love the pic!