Monday, August 24, 2015

It's a...

Since the day we announced our pregnancy people have had only a handful of questions; When are you due? How far along are you? and the biggie What are you hoping for? (um, a baby?)

The first two were easy to answer, the last got complicated because no matter how many times I professed that I wanted a healthy baby, people argued that I MUST have a preference (I don't think I ever have had a preference).

I of course have a few issues with this. First, anyone who has read my blog about the first trimester knows that I want nothing more than for this baby (regardless of gender) to be healthy. Secondly, if you know me slightly better, you know it took a little while to get pregnant so we are just extremely grateful to have a baby on the way. Period. And finally, if you know me very well, you know that I am a feminist. Meaning, I  advocate for equality between the sexes in terms of political, social and economic factors. It doesn't, by any means, mean I hate men or burn my bras (except that one that could milk a cow, it deserved it). In fact it is the opposite, I love men and women as amazing people who contribute differently to the world in beautifully profound ways and both should be recognized for their outstanding contributions. Put simply, I will always fight for equality for people as a whole. We ALL have so much to offer, why should we pretend that anyone is better than the anyone else?

So, you can understand how with my background and beliefs I honestly think we are blessed with either gender. I can also say, I have no intention of letting my child's gender determine how they are raised. I want to raise a well rounded child that can take care of themselves in the real world in various capacities. Change a tire, cook a gourmet meal, know what a Phillips is and mend a tear in their jeans. You could see how both my knowledge base and Andy's expertise can help develop these traits in a child? Again, regardless of gender.

So why find out the gender? Couple of reasons actually;

1. Name fight cut in half
2. Fun for shopping for clothes (the nursery will be neutral but the clothes don't have to be!)
3. Wanting to feel pregnant
4. Being able to answer that last question definitively so people don't insist I have a preference.

So, on our 4th wedding anniversary we held hands and cried tears of pure joy in what might have been the most special moment in our lives so far. We had our anatomy scan (a detailed look at baby) first thing in the morning, the tech took a billion photos of our strong healthy beautiful baby--a blessing in itself. Then at the very end she took that last photo to tell us gender.

Without further adieu, who is passing on their baby booties?


Lets all join in cheering for Baby Girl Pekema. She might take over the world; be warned.

These are my baby booties, crocheted for me at birth by my Great Grandmother "Granny Annie"

Mmmm, a doughnut the local bakery made for me. 

We found out her gender on our 4th wedding anniversary.

18 weeks exactly on our Anniversary

We can't wait to see her in these.

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