Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Outstanding Office

This is our office before the makeover.  This is the only before photo we have, and it is messier than usual, but you can see it is strictly functional.

Here is the after, from roughly the same angle:
Ten points if you can spot the grapefruit.
Here are the other angles:

I still want to do some cable management.

You might not be able to tell, but we repainted it in a light gray as well as replacing and rearranging furniture.
We replaced the stainless steel desk with a more compact and warmer (literally) one we inherited from Chrissy's uncle, and stuck my desk in the perfectly sized space at the end of the bed.  Most importantly, we got some art on the walls.
We still want to hang some curtains, but other than that we are very satisfied.  The new layout feels a lot more open than the old one, plus it is much more comfortable to watch videos on the computer from the bed now.

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