Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bicycle Tuneup

New pad is on top, if you couldn't tell.
I've been getting back into more serious cycling recently, with a weekly ride on Thursdays at 5:30AM along with weekend rides, however my bike was in need of some love.
The first task was the brakes.  After 3,400 miles, the original pads were down to almost nothing, and that did not inspire confidence on the hills of Palos Verdes.  A new set slid right in and some minor adjustment finished the job.

The next items was my bar tape.  When I bought the bike, the bar tape was not in the best shape.  It got a little worn off in shipping, so I fixed it with electrical tape, and that had been fine since then.  But it is has really started to wear, so I decided to replace it.
Here's what it looked like before:

 And after:
Good as new.

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