Thursday, February 21, 2013

Night and Day, our Guest Bathroom Redux

The grout was not the only problem in our guest bathroom, as you can see everything was a form of beige. It looked like a cheap apartment bathroom with yellowed counter tops, crappy bottom basement cabinets, plain walls, and a giant mirror that lacked personality and had some rough edges. So, without blowing our savings I wanted to redo everything. We redid the whole bathroom for less than $100 because I busted my hiney and basically just painted everything.

Here is the bathroom all primed (counter top, walls and cabinet all with the same primer). The grout was finished in a prior blog you can check out here:

Even just primed white, it looks so much better. But, it still needed some personality.

I started with the vanity. I went bold. Hey, it's just paint. Also, screw bitchass beige. 

 I painted the ceiling pure white, since I had bold colors for the rest of the space I wanted clean white on the ceiling and any other details such as the new frame for the mirror.

Next, I painted a couple coats of white paint on the counter top. My plan was to have a clean white counter top with sparkles. Yes, sparkles. It turns out that Martha Stewart discovered my need for sparkles and invented this:
I bought white to keep it simple and clean looking.

Next I tackled the walls. I painted them a relaxing blue shade; Sherman Williams Watery.

Next I had to add the new hardware. We replaced the hinges as well as added handles just to update the whole look. 

Here are the hinges

And this is the cabinet front with the new handles installed.

I hung this candle holder that my Grandma got me. It was black so I had hubs spray paint it white (I also had him paint the vent covers). I later also painted the screw heads white since they stuck out like a sore thumb.

I then finished the counter top (photographing the sparkles was impossible, I know, I'm sorry. Don't worry they are amazing in person). I applied 2 coats of Martha's magic glitter paint and 8 or so coats of poly-acrylic. In the interest of full disclosure I would like the counter to be shinier. UPDATE---DO NOT USE POLY ACRYLIC----- it peels when water gets on the counter. Use a pour-able epoxy or whatever finish comes in a counter painting kit to save yourself the headache.

A new TP holder, brushed to match the hardware.

Told ya they match. :)

Next we framed out the mirror with  moulding along these lines:

 We used a miter box to cut each corner at a 45 degree angle. Not all miter boxes are created equal. I suggest you are prepared for some sanding just to make sure they line up well. We used Liquid Nails to adhere the moulding to the mirror. They make a mirror and glass specific liquid nails. It worked very very well. After pressing the moulding into place, hubarooski held it in place while I taped it down. 

 We left the tape in place for a full day to ensure it stuck. That's it. Everything painted and framed out, Hubs and I love it so much we stop and peak in periodically just to make sure it is still awesome. It always is.  Here are a few more pictures of the "after" because I love pictures.

I am still working on a painting for the empty wall. I am going with something colorful and I will put it in a thick white frame just to add one more pop of color. I love how our bathroom just bursts with personality now. :) Yay.

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  1. Wow! This is impressive. Please tell me projects like this take you months to complete. Things like this never get done in my house. For example, I bought a new medicine cabinet for the guest bath two years ago and its still sitting in the garage; Its awful lol

    Anyhoo, I love it! I especially like the green you choose for the cabinets. It looks great. And the white moulding and hardware were good choices, as well. Good job yo!