Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cable Cleanup

We decided we were tired of looking at all the cables running around our house, so today I removed them.  We figured there is very little chance of us ever getting cable TV or satellite, and if we do, we will make the sucker who installs it put the cables in the attic, not the exterior of the house.

What you see above is the roughly four miles of cable I removed.  If anyone wants some coax in relatively good condition, let me know soon.

Here's all the hardware I ripped out to make it happen.

I also disconnected our phone line.  I don't think we will ever need it.  The wire on the right is now gone.

Here is our patio before:                                                                   And After:
Here's the back of the house as we bought it:

And now, complete with new (used) hot tub (to be discussed in an upcoming post):

Closeup of the eve before:

So much better.

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