Monday, October 22, 2012

"Simplify, then add lightness"

That is one of my favorite automotive quotes.  It was said by Colin Chapman, the father of Lotus.  Those words will improve just about any car, but they also apply to motorcycles.

I have begun to both simplify and add lightness.  Here's what that process looks like:
This is how it started (sorry about the bad picture).

I first removed the rack in the rear meant to hold saddle bags.  To get that off, I also had to remove the rear fender.
 Looking better already.  Good riddance.

Front fender was next.

 Then I went for the giant muffler.
I'm liking that clean exhaust.  I might not have to do much with that.

Now the passenger foot pegs and the muffler on the other side.

Battery box, outta-here.

Horn, gone.

Chrome handle under the seat, history.

Say goodbye to the mirrors.  Those things aren't really needed.

Cleaned up the front fork here.  No more reflector or 1988 New York inspection tag.

Air supply tube had to go, as well as the stock air filter.  The black plastic doesn't work for me in the middle of the sea of aluminum.  I am going to have to do something about the gaping hole on each side.

Things got messy.

This thing is starting to look pretty cool already, and I haven't really done anything, although I have just about run out of simple stuff to yank off.
Blogging about this is fun.  Writing the blog is like reliving the project, and when you enjoy the project, that is great.

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