Monday, October 8, 2012

Garage Evolution

This is what our garage looked like after moving day.

This is the amazing set of shelves I made from four milk crates and some extra boards from out street bed (a bunk bed we found on the street and are using the bottom half in our office).  I figured adding zip ties to hold everything together counts as being "earthquake safe."

These two pictures show the garage after being organized with my sweet shelves.  Still room for a car!

This picture is the latest iteration of the garage.  We bought the two metal shelving units and then connected them with 2x4s and plywood to create an eight foot work bench and another shelf below it.  It is a great solution, and I challenge you to find a better garage storage system for less than or equal to the $235 this one cost.
Things are still a little cluttered, but we're working on that.
Another fun thing in this picture is the very manual reel mower that my parents came upon quite some time ago and I demanded they save it for me.  It is ridiculously rusty, yet cuts grass like a champ.
Here is the garage when it was fresh and clean.  The hoodlums you see are my Dad and Uncle Mike who visited for the weekend and helped with all sorts of great projects.  You will notice the workbench is rock solid.

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