Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Compressed Garbage

This is our beautiful 70's era trash compactor.  I should probably mention that it doesn't work.  It also makes the storage in the corner of the lower cabinets basically unusable, unless you want to access them through the six inch wide cabinet to the left.  It has to go.

The project started off well, until the cord for the unit proved to be inaccessible.  My dad recommended I cut it, so without thinking, I did.  The resulting flash ruined my wire-cutters, left me temporarily blind and tripped the circuit for our kitchen.  Oh, and it also pissed Chrissy off.  Luckily I was not severely electrocuted.
This is the filthy gap that was left.


Hopefully we will have a post about filling that big hole soon.

1 comment:

  1. "Hopefully we will have a post about filling that big hole soon." Interesting word choice for a sentence directly below a picture of your wife.

    Pretty impressive what happened to the wire cutters.

    The new furniture looks sweeeeeet!