Thursday, May 10, 2018

Pekema Projects Returns(!!!) - Torrance Recap

As you may have noticed, this site has been pretty quiet for a while. It's actually been over a year since our last post, but we have a good excuse. Between raising a crazy baby, starting a business, moving, and settling into our new house/town, we've been pretty busy. However, things have started to settle down just a bit, so it's time for Pekema Projects to make its triumphant return. The posts will probably be a little more concise than before (we are still busy) but we'll do the best we can.

Here are the projects I can remember completing before we left our Torrance house:

Fridge of Folly
I bought a kegerator setup off Craigslist to make sparkling water. Of course the fridge stopped working immediately. I tried replacing a couple parts, but it wasn't meant to be. Fortunately, our new house came with an extra fridge, so we're back in business and I'm enjoying gallons of virtually free sparkling water every day.

Piano Bar
We finished our first piano bar, which inspired our new business, Amendment Development.

Sad Side Door
When selling our house, the inspectors didn't like the garage's side door. I was planning to just paint it, but the damage was much worse than I realized. The termite people offered to replace if for $600, but that seemed a little rich to me, so I bought a new door and installed it myself for about $100.

Happy Hooks
As a thank-you to our friend for taking some great listing photos of our house, we made this coat hanger for his daughter/wife.

Concrete Cracks
As part of the purchase agreement on the house, I caulked between the concrete and stucco all the way around our house. It was unpleasant.

Hide the Hot Tub
We took our hot tub with us, so I decided to clean up the electrical as best I could, so I added a closed box and terminated the wiring in it.

Manic Moving
As expected, moving was stressful. Ours was more stressful than normal because we (mostly Andy) have way too much stuff. It didn't all fit in the biggest U-Haul, so we got to make a few trips. On the final trip, my dad and I arrived in Paso at around 3 AM.

As far as I can recall, that wraps up our Torrance projects. We really loved that house, neighborhood, and all our friends in the Los Angeles area, but it was time for a change. Stay tuned to see what we've done to our new house.

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