Sunday, March 19, 2017

Stumbling Stool

My beloved garage stool recently fell on hard times. It lost one caster quite a while ago, but I was still able to use it if I was careful. It recently lost a second wheel and I was thinking it was time for a new one until I happened upon a random comment online that talked about replacing casters just like these. I had considered that before, but I assumed the cost of new casters would be more than a new stool, so I didn't pursue it.

Anyway, I decided to see how much new casters would cost and discovered they were quite reasonable, with a two-pack of the appropriate casters costing something like $4 at Home Depot. I wasn't sure they would be the right size, but I decided to give them a shot. Shockingly, they are almost exactly the same height as the existing casters. They're a tiny bit shorter, so there's a slight rock to the seat, but it's totally usable. I suspect I will eventually have to replace all the wheels with these, so they will all be even someday.
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