Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kitchen Construction Conclusion (Part 9)

Before - This is the photo from the listing when we bought the house.
Our kitchen renovation is finally complete! This post will be a summary of everything we've done to the kitchen since buying the house, along with a cost breakdown of the recent major renovation.

Winter 2012 - Removed Trash Compactor
Replaced trash compactor with recycling bin. Had plans to turn it into a cabinet. Never happened.
September 2013 - Painted Kitchen and Dining Room

April 2014 - Shortened Overhead Cabinets

December 2014 - Updated Ligting

August 2016 to January 2017 - Major Renovation
Step 1 - Remove Cabinets and Hang New Hood

Step 2 - Install New Countertops

Step 3 - Shorten Cabinet and Reinstall

Step 4 - Add Trim to Walkway

Step 5 - Install Backsplash
Notice the new wine cooler as well.
Step 6 - Lay New Floor Tile

Step 7 - Install New Window

Step 8 - Paint Cabinets and Add Hardware

Step 9 - Behold the Finished Product
Here's the 'Before' photo one more time.
As you can see this was just a slight upgrade. The most impressive part is we did almost all the work ourselves, with the help of friends and family. The only thing we didn't do were the counters.

Cost Breakdown
I'm sure some of you are curious what it costs to renovate your kitchen like we did. Apparently, the average kitchen remodel costs a little over $20,000 in America. Ours cost quite a bit less than that. Here's the tally of the recent renovation, including the cooktop (but not the fridge, since we're keeping it):
  • Counters:  $4,300
  • Cooktop:  $850
  • Backsplash:  $473
  • Hood:  $300
  • Window:  $283
  • Flooring:  $233
  • Wine Cooler:  $200
  • Tile Accessories:  $155
  • Molding/Trim:  $142
  • Paint Sprayer:  $129
  • Hardware:  $123
  • Paint:  $93
  • Outlets:  $35
Total:  $7,318.15
We think it was worth every cent (but maybe not every back-breaking hour - Haha).

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