Monday, October 17, 2016

Kitchen Construction, Part 3 - Cabinet Cutting Continues

The next step in our kitchen renovation was to regain some of the cabinet space lost in the transition to the new hood.

The plan was to reduce the size of the old cabinet and place it on the wall next to the window. It is somewhat similar to the last time we shortened this cabinet.

I started by cutting out the section we wanted to keep. Unfortunately, the space available only allowed us to keep a single little cabinet. We would have liked to keep a section with two doors for the additional space.

Next I pried the same end board off the old cabinet that we re-purposed once before and cut a notch along one side so it would clear part of the structure of the cabinet.

After that I used my oscillating cutting tool to shorten the shelves a bit, allowing the end board to recess in.

After that I attached the end board, filled the nail holes and sanded everything smooth.

Next up was paint. Primer and two coats of the finish color. I made a lot more work for myself by choosing to paint the inside of the cabinet.

When all the painting was done I wrote a little message on the back that someone will discover if they ever remove it.

I had an expert assist me with mounting it on the wall.

And that was it. The door will be painted and mounted later. There will also be some trim to finish it off.

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