Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wonder Wheels

Editor's Note:  Sorry about the weird "two-face" photos.  My phone's camera is misbehaving.
Since buying the Miata, I've had my eye out for better wheels and tires.  I wasn't in a hurry since the tires on it were working fine, but now they are worn out.  Particularly the inside edge, thanks to my legit camber.

Conveniently, one of my coworkers had a set of wheels/tires sitting around that he took off his Miata before selling it.  He let me have them for $100.  Score!  As you can see below, they are a little more sporty than my old tires.

Here's where things get complicated.  The wheels he had are kind of heavy, so I've continued to look for lighter wheels, of which I found and bought two.  Here's the various wheels I was working with.
Clockwise from top:  15x8 6UL 195/50 R15 (29.8 lbs w/tire, 12 lbs without), Stock Miata "Daisy" 185/60 R14 (26.6 lbs w/tire), 15x6.5 Generic Wheel (32 lbs w/tire, 16 lbs without)
 I decided to put the lighter wheels on the front.
I didn't think I could make the Miata look much more "ghetto," but the non-matching wheels do a pretty good job.  You might also be able to tell I raised the car so it hopefully won't scrape on everything anymore.
My next step will be installing a three inch lift.  Or not.
Flyin' Miata

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  1. The mismatched wheels look mildly ridiculous. But what do I know?