Monday, December 7, 2015

Office Organization

The closet in our office has become a catchall and was full of a lot of piles, as you can see above.  Our spiffy new master closet inspired us to get it organized.

The first step was taking some measurements and heading to Ikea for container madness.

I separated my trusty "electronics box" into several categorized containers.  They are Audio/Visual, Networking, USB, Power, and Oversize.  The old box was what my old laptop shipped in back in 2005.

Here's what the closet looks like now.  You might recognize the blue rack on top because it came out of our master closet.  These photos remind me--if you need a 17" Dell monitor, let me know.  We have two sitting around.

My desk was in similar disarray, particularly the bottom shelf.  Most of the stuff up top is "work-in-progress."  Most of the stuff below is "gathering dust."
A few Ikea containers and my new printer fit perfectly, hide the junk, and keep it mostly dust-free.

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