Monday, June 22, 2015

Fun Frame

Let me start by saying I hate people who drive slowly in the fast lane.  I, however, drive with the flow of traffic, but I often leave a bigger gap in front of me than most.  I do this because I'm a better driver than most.  That reasonable gap, combined with the fact that I'm driving a Prius seems to make the driver behind me extra stupid.  I wanted a way to gently remind people to back off and calm down.  I didn't want to mar the Prius with a bumper sticker, so I started looking for a license plate frame to convey the appropriate message.
Most readily available frames were a little more aggressive than I wanted, with phrases like "The closer you get, the slower I drive" (I don't need any road rage), so I ordered a custom frame from ebay.  I actually got two for $10.  It's a little more in-your-face than I expected due to the text font/size, but I like it.

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