Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Cold Drizzle

Miss me? Yes, we have been behind on projects. Why? Because all of the projects we have left are little horrible projects we don't want to do. Or, on the flip side, they are giant horrible projects we don't want to do. Ok, enough chit chat. Here is what I decided was absolutely necessary to get my project on.

Our guest bathroom is the never ending project. It's the shower this time. The funny part is we have never used the guest shower in all our time in this lovely home. It has however, been used by our guests much to their chagrin. Each time one of our guests would exit our shower they would attempt to bring up the delicate subject. Oh, what could possibly be the problem? First, the shower head is ultra low flow. So low flow that it feels like a drizzle of ice water trickling down your spine. I know this because it is our old miserable shower head we replaced in our bathroom because it was so miserable. Aren't we nice? Secondly, the faucet is old and giving out, so every time the water was turned on and then diverted to the shower, water would spray out of it in every direction. All of the directions, people!

I had enough. I couldn't let another loved one suffer the misery that is our guest shower. Hubs? Didn't care so much. So, I had to venture into this one on my own.

Off to the hardware store.

I started by replacing the worn-out faucet. Then very easily replaced the crappy shower head with a low flow (but higher gpm than the last one) hand held shower head.

The project was quick and painless. I just followed the instructions on the packaging exactly and then tested everything. It took very little time once I had all of my tools and new purchases.

Bring on the holidays and bring on the guests.



I found an identical faucet to replace the old one. This saved me from having to replace the handle portion and ensured a clean installation.

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