Saturday, August 2, 2014

Miata Madness

Yes, I am that big. And yes, it is that small.  Also, I didn't Hulk smash the steering wheel off.  It has a quick release...because racecar.
Huge news at Pekema Project HQ!  We have a new subject for projects--a 1994 Mazda Miata.

We have recently been doing a lot of fun drives in Malibu and on Angeles Crest using borrowed cars (mostly an FR-S; thanks Chris), so it was time to get a fun car of our own.

I was originally looking for something with a back seat, but I finally came to my senses and remembered
M.I.A.T.A (Miata Is Always The Answer).

After a brief search on Craigslist I found one I couldn't resist.  Expect to see some posts about this baby in the future, although there won't need to be too many because most of the potential projects have already been done.

Instead of me listing everything about it, I will paste the contents of the Craigslist ad:

1994 Miata m edition- 116k miles

Oem hardtop with headliner
Blackbird fabworx gt3 4 pt roll bar
Buddy club wide racing seat
Schroth 4 pt asm harness
Momo Monte Carlo 320mm steering wheel
Nrg short hub and quick release
Garage star shift extender and Delrin shift knob
Jvc head unit and pioneer speakers

Vmaxx track coilovers
Racing beat tubular front sway
949 end links
Stainless steel brakes lines
Porterfield rs4 brake pads
ATE super blue brake fluid
Jackson racing intake
Hps silicone hoses
Buddy club spec 2 exhaust
Ryoku rob front and rear tow hooks
Rear bumper cut
Torsten diff
Rep gv lip

All ac components have been removed as well as power steering

The bad-
Paint is shit <---Editor's Note:  My favorite line.
Buddy club seat is fading and has couple cigarette burns.
Passenger seat has a rip

WILL NOT COME WITH 6UL's wheels. Stock daisies will be put on
Perfect car for a dd/track toy. That's how I used it. Just passed smog today and paid registration

Editor's Note
Here it is with the wheels he removed.  It looked a lot better.  I will be looking for some reasonably priced aftermarket wheels now.

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