Friday, March 7, 2014

Grueling Guest Room

The guest/craft/sewing room has been quite a journey.  We actually started working on this room in April of 2013, and it looked like the picture above.
It was basically completed that month except for the baseboards, which took on a life of their own.  Here are some more Before shots:

See how nice the baseboards are?

We started by removing the baseboards, or trying to.
It turned out the floors were installed after the baseboards and glued to them, so we couldn't remove the baseboards without messing up the flooring.  It also explained why the tops of the baseboards were coming off of the wall--the floor was pushing against the bottom, causing them to pivot and separate at the top.
We broke off the baseboards as cleanly as possible, but quickly realized we needed a new strategy.  Fortunately, that new strategy involved me getting a new tool.  A vibrating saw thing:
 I was able to cut the old baseboards off at floor level, making it possible to install new ones properly.  It was not fun.

After getting the baseboards handled, it was time for paint.

Yellow paint.

After painting, we got some new furniture, but the room sat for a long time awaiting new baseboards.  Here's our selection process:

We bought baseboards and crown molding some time later, but then it sat awaiting paint for months. We finally got our act together in the past couple weeks and painted all the molding, and this week, I installed the baseboards.

We also arranged our furniture, hung curtains and art and finished off the room.  We are very happy with the way it came out, and generally happy to just have it done.  Here's the finished product:

Here's the before pictures one more time, for comparison:

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