Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The High Line

Our clothes line has been working like a dream, but in the standard configuration it has one shortcoming, literally.  It is slightly to short; at perfect head bashing height.
I inquired with the manufacturer about getting an extension pipe and they said they would sell me one for ten dollars, but they would void my warranty.  I figured I would eventually do it, but maybe after the warranty expired.
As luck would have it, when we got our patio set it came with a random pipe, which turned out to be the lower half of an umbrella and was not really a part of the patio set.  That pipe happened to fit perfectly into the clothes line pipe, so I got my extension for free.  Score.
It was a little tall at first (like eight feet high), so I trimmed 20 inches off and now we have an ideal clothes line.
Just ignore all the crap in the background; we're working on it.

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