Friday, June 21, 2013

Yard Duty

Ah, the yard. I kept saying "once the inside of the house is finished, I'll get started on the yard". That was such a darling notion; you see, yards don't wait. They don't care what you are up to all day, they just do what they want and before you know it you have a jungle. Well, it was time to get my jungle in check and turn my soft peachy thumb to green.

I started by sprucing up the front a little, I pulled some of the agapanthus from the flower bed to make room.

Crazy roots trying to wreck my life.

All clear!

Then I planted some super awesome hydrangeas in their place. Easy enough right? If you think uprooting a plant who refuses to leave is easy.

One down.

Ah, much better.

But alas, my yard demanded more attention.

The worst part of the yard, the area screaming for my attention, was the side yard. One side is beautifully paved and houses our trash cans. The other? It has a paved walkway and the rest is just sad uneven dirt that really enjoys creating the scariest spiderweb covered weeds.

I refuse to insert a photo, it would give you nightmares. Instead I will move on to tell you of it's current glory.

After pulling all of the weeds I was left with an empty wasteland. I was fairly confident the loose sandy soil that is dry and mostly shaded wouldn't support plant life. This left only a few options and since Andy's awesome friend/co-worker was getting rid of some lovely small river rocks; it left only one!

We were able to acquire a large amount of lovely 1-2" river rocks. We laid some of the anti-weed fabric and with the help of some friends filled the dirt pit with rocks. We did buy a few more bags at Home Depot just to fill it in a little more.

Just a handful or so.

The truck was a little weighted down with a meager 1.5 tons or so.

Some more rocks to fill it in and a preview of future Pekema Projects.

It looks not only way better than it did, it actually looks good. I stop over on the side yard after watering just to look at it. I highly recommend rocks for areas like this, especially free ones.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, we are well underway on some serious landscaping. More soon!

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