Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lock it Up

The empty hole in this picture is where the latch for our bedroom sliding door should be.  We haven't been able to lock that door since we bought the house, so we resorted to a pipe in the rail to secure the door.

A trip to King City Glass resulted in acquiring the exact piece we were missing, for the low, low price of free.  After an easy install, we now have a locking door in the bedroom.  Thank you, Jernigans.

The lock in the dining room sliding door was also not working correctly.  It turned out the mechanism was slightly broken.  A pin became dislodged, preventing proper operation, and also making removal difficult.  I only had to destroy the aluminum door a little bit to get it out.
Home Depot had a replacement mechanism and it installed without a hitch.
The pin on the lower right should not be protruding.  The design of the new part has eliminated the pin.

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