Sunday, June 9, 2013

12 Inches of Extra Length to My Handle

My wagon handle.
You see, I got a wagon for my birthday so we could walk to the grocery store and pull our purchases home in the wagon.
Unfortunately, the handle length was optimized for a four-year old.  As you can see in this promotional photo:

The wagon was essentially unusable for the us, the tallest married couple in Torrance.*
Luckily I have skilled friends.  My coworker Juan, who used absolutely no company resources for this personal project, welded in a foot of additional length to the handle.  Thank you, Juan.
Here's what it was like before (stock photo; we are currently not using the wood panels to improve aerodynamics):
Stock (lame) Wagon
And here's what it looks like now (notice the handle is as high as the telephone lines):
Custom (baller) Working Wagon, and Beautiful Bougainvillea...and Sweet Fence
*Verification pending.

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