Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time for a Soak

As you saw in the cable post, we got a hot tub.  We found it on my favorite website, Craigslist, so we saved a ton of long as it works.  It is a slightly used Hot Spring Prodigy.  Hot Spring seems to be one of the top brands, so we are thinking it will last a while and not use too much energy.

It is also a good size for us; roughly 6'x7'.  It supposedly fits five people.

Here's another angle.

The purchase process was quite trying.  The seller was not the easiest person to work with and arranging all the necessary help at the same time was a challenge.  Eventually, we got the seller, a couple friends, a pickup, and my brother all coordinated and we were able to pick it up on Feb. 24.

All transportation was perfectly safe.  Maybe.

Getting it into position in the back yard was a challenge, but we did it.  My biggest regret is using a furniture dolly from Harbor Frieght.  Bad decision.

We are now contacting electricians to wire it up for us.  Initial estimates are a bit spendy, so we will be getting some more quotes.  Hopefully we will have it working soon.

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  1. Awesome! I thought about getting a hot tub for my patio as well, but lets be honest; it would just turn into "something else" for me to clean! Yawl are much better equipped for this kind of addition. Congrats!

    As it turns out, Ill be spending lots of Saturdays in Manhattan playing vball, so leave a key under the mat or greet me with a beer at the door and I'll be sure to stop by afterwards for a soak ;)