Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Street Table Called Desire

Andy and I found a sad little table on one of our evening strolls. We thought we would drag it in all of its pitifulness back home to see if we could salvage it. I can't however locate ANY of the before pictures. I know, why even blog???

Ugh. I'll try and paint the picture. Our TV was sitting on a dining room table which screams college and since we aren't in college anymore, this just wouldn't do. In comes sad little table. It had been spray painted  brown and yellow missing hardware and was in very poor condition.

 I removed a shelf, sanded the living daylights out of it, primed and painted.

 The color isn't very exciting but I was in a time crunch. To finish it, I threw on some fancy new knobs and voila!
 Much better.

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  1. Nice find. It passes my "could I get $40+ for this on Craigslist if I tried to sell it?" test, easily justifying hauling it back to your place.