Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Side (Junk) Yard Cleanup

The previous owners were kind enough to leave behind a bunch of their junk in the side yard/walkway.  I cleaned up as much of it as I had room for in the garbage can.

My fingers are included in this picture not because I am a rube, but to block the blinding sun.  Also, that small puddle is not a pee stain, just water that dribbled out from the hose when I was coiling it (my urine puddle is off camera).

1 comment:

  1. I hate the side yard! Its only purpose is to collect junk. Good Job on the clean up! If this is where you are keeping your trash cans, then I would suggest filling that dirt gutter with matching pavers or even brick. It looks like it will add maybe another foot (?) to the walk way and you will have a little more room to maneuver your cans. Plus you won't need to rake out that dirt area that attracts debris. Pavers are easier to keep clean! Just hose 'em down.