Monday, September 3, 2012

Inspiration 2

I really like the seat on this bike.  Interesting fact:  this bike is based on the predecessor to my Yamaha cruiser (at right).

Looks like I can buy that seat here:

Cafe Racer BMW R100
I like the badge on this bike.  BMW M colors, which I'm considering using for my bike.
Looks like I can buy them here:
and here
Info here:

Custom BMW R80 police bike
I think these mirrors are pretty cool.

2000 Harley Sportster 1200
Very interesting exhaust.  I might do something like this.

Monoshock conversion on another boxer bike, a Goldwing.  The exhaust looks pretty good too.

Triumph Tiger custom
I like the exhaust on this bike.

BMW R75/5
I really like the speedo/tach built into the headlight, not to mention the mirror.  Sweet.  It seems to be a stock BMW part from the /5 series, which is cool.

Kawasaki W650 by Deus
This exhaust it clean.

Confederate Hellcat
This exhaust is very interesting.

I'm starting to get inspired.

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  1. The bike with the yellow tank, and the Harley Sportster 1200 are both super boss. Aside from the excellent bike aesthetics, I really like the color choices: all black with a splash of color (or white, if we're not counting that as a color...).