Friday, July 27, 2018

Unloved Light

Our kitchen had a light over the counter that Chrissy hated. I didn't mind it, so I resisted replacing it. We also couldn't find anything we liked to replace it, so until now, we did nothing.

Chrissy finally came up with the idea to replace the fixture with a recessed light. Since I occasionally hit my head on the light, I approved of the plan. I also liked that it would be very affordable.

After some quality time in the attic wedged behind the furnace removing the old light receptacle, the new fixture went in relatively easily.
It's not a good project unless you make a mess.
We thought about adding a second fixture, but decided to start with one, since adding another one later would be relatively simple. In order to give the single light a chance, I bought an extra bright, "high lumen" unit, and it worked out great.

A second light might technically be better for symmetry purposes, but you don't really notice the fixture, so it isn't a big deal. 

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