Monday, June 11, 2018

Tree + Tire = Fun

I determined some time ago that we needed a tire swing in our back yard, but I was waiting until Hope was old enough to ride it without dying. I'm happy to say, that time has finally come.

I managed to get a free tire from some friends, but I spent way too much on chain, stainless steel hardware, and a super duper swivel. I tried to cheap out and just wrap the chain around the tree, but it was immediately clear that wasn't good for the tree, so I bit the bullet and bought a strap on Amazon. However, I didn't get an the official swing hanging strap, which were all rated at 2,000 pounds or less; I bought a tow/winch strap that's rated at 30,000 pounds, and cost less than the swing straps.
Before I got the strap.
 You can see the swivel in action here. I'm not really sure how long it would spin if I let it.

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