Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dirty Diaper Destroyer

Don't believe Chrissy when she says I never mop.
As you just learned, we are cloth diapering Hope.  A very important piece of the cloth diaper puzzle is a diaper sprayer.  The sprayer is used to rinse the solids off the diaper, hopefully sparing our washing machine some grief.
We ordered what turned out to be a super high quality sprayer sold by a company called SmarterFresh.  Check out the meticulous packaging.  Yes, there are two protective caps on each end of the hose!

As you saw above, the first step was a thorough cleaning of the toilet and surrounding area because this install forces you to get pretty intimate with the toilet.
Luckily the install is pretty simple.  A tee with an adjustable valve is inserted between the supply hose and the toilet tank.  This is where the sprayer's hose attaches and where you can adjust the pressure.  At full blast, the stream is strong enough to take down a bull moose.

The actual sprayer lives in a holster that slips over the top edge of the tank.

The completed install looks like this.
There was one small hiccup in the install--the sprayer head leaked.  I emailed SmarterFresh and received a reply 22 minutes later instructing me how to fix it.  That's customer service.

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