Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've Got Sole

In case you weren't convinced that I'm the biggest cheapskate in Los Angeles, I now have proof.
I bought a pair of Born shoes a couple years ago and quickly noticed the relatively thin soles were wearing very quickly.  I didn't want the soles to wear out long before the leather upper portion, so I decided to install an expendable sole "skin."
I thought "grip tape" would be the best place to start, but it took me a while to find the product I wanted.  Lots of grip tape is very similar to sand paper, but I wanted one that was more rubbery, like the sole of a shoe.  I eventually found something I liked at OSH and bought a couple rolls.
The first thing I did was coat the entire sole of the shoe in the tape, but it quickly peeled off the toes, where the shoe flexes most, so I came up with a solution inspired by a Vibram sole.

I bought a set of leather punches and proceeded to cut a bunch of circles out of the grip tape and stuck them on the shoe.  Now when the tape wears out, I can stick a new piece on and keep the shoes forever.

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