Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Evicted Evaporator

When I removed the glove box, I noticed some HVAC equipment behind it.  I figured it needed to be there to make the vent work, so I didn't touch it.  Some time later when I was under the hood, I noticed a couple fittings coming through the firewall, which I assumed used to carry A/C fluids.  I then realized the thing under the dash was the evaporator, which no longer served a purpose, so I decided to remove it.
The process was pretty simple.  I just had to remove the glove box brace then undo the two clamps, two connectors and two nuts (one of which was a pain) and it pulled right out.  I referenced this and this site. If we want to use the vents or heater, I will need to buy one of these from a non-A/C car to fill the gap where the evaporator was.
I covered two holes in the firewall and one in the transmission tunnel with duct tape.  Official plugs exist, but all sources indicate tape is fine.

Here's what was removed.  Weight savings:  7 lb, 8 oz

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