Monday, October 21, 2013

Playing with Pegs

Workbench Before (but after I cleared if off)
 Chrissy wanted some pegboard for her craft room, so I took the opportunity to also grab some for the garage.
All the junk taken off the workbench
 Getting it mounted is not as easy as you might think.  Getting the spacers to cooperate took some ingenuity.  We were also sure to work safely, with a foam noodle and helmet to protect from certain skull fractures.  Chrissy even went one step further and donned her flame retardant onesie.

Installation complete.  Limitless potential.

The finished product.  The best part is anyone under six feet tall can only reach (and mess with) the bottom half.

Update: One big suggestion is to get larger diameter pegs because the smaller ones I got fall out too easily. I believe the smaller ones are 1/8 inch diameter.

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  1. Im going to use the bottom shelves as ladder rungs... climb up there and rearrange all your wrenches so they aren't in order by size heeheeheeee!