Monday, September 23, 2013

The Garage is Shedding Tools

And they are going into our new shed.
I got tired of the lawn mower and other garden items cluttering up the garage; plus it was inconvenient to have to walk to the garage from the back yard to get those tools, so we decided to get a shed which the lawn mower doesn't fit in, at least not fully assembled.

OSH was having a shed sale, so we went to check out the selection.  I actually brought the mower and various garden tools to make sure they would fit.  We really liked this shed because it was all one injection molded part, instead of a potentially flimsy flat-pack unit, plus it already had shelves.  We were disappointed the mower didn't fit, but we also liked how compact this one was and didn't want to move up to a bigger one, so we fiddled around and discovered on the spot that it is very easy to pop the handle off and slide the mower in vertically.
We used the company pickup once again to transport the shed and created a brick and gravel base for it along the fence.  Don't tell anybody, but we didn't install the lock.
Here is that area pre-shed.

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