Saturday, December 13, 2014

Futile Fan

During my headlight removal (more on that later), I discovered one of the two electric fans mounted to the radiator (passenger side) was mostly for the air conditioning, so I didn't think I needed it any more.  This discovery came about due to two large relays that were mounted to the headlight.  It took a pretty deep dive into the wiring diagram to figure everything out.
Mystery Relays
Here's the fan from below.  I also removed two of the elbows you can see.
I hope you appreciate this photo, because getting below the car is not a trivial task.
Here's what I pulled out.  Weight savings:  3 lb, 1.7 oz.

I had to disconnect the coolant hose and remove the intake tube to get the fan out.

 And here is the final product.

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