Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bring on the Romance

I don't make a habit out of inviting strangers into my room but I will make an exception this once. Our bedroom was originally stark white with vertical blinds and zero personality. Most importantly it was one of the least romantic rooms in our house. Not acceptable.
We decided the room needed to feel warmer and more inviting. We opted to tone down the glare of the white with a soft beige (kilim beige). Next we (I) stenciled an accent wall to add some interest. Last, the vertical blinds had to take a dirt nap.
So, without further adieu here is the before and after.

Before (with furniture rearranged for painting):

Beige up and stenciling started:

My onesie had to make yet another appearance:

It was so tempting to stop here. Nice right?

Curtains up!

Final notes:
We are adding crown molding and hanging artwork soon.
Stenciling sucks.

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