Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Securing the Sofa

Our beautiful couch is a two-piece sectional, and it is always trying to separate itself.  I have been thinking of fastening the two pieces together for a long time, so I finally flipped the pieces on their sides to figure out how I wanted to accomplish this.
To my surprise, there was already a device installed for this very purpose, called a Sofa Snap.  Unfortunately, only one half of the unit was there.

That meant I would have to fabricate the other, simpler half.  I started by going through my garbage can to retrieve an L-bracket I knew I had recently thrown away.  It had been on some lumber we had burned, and I threw it out with the ashes.

I then started grinding and filing.

I eventually got the shape I needed and hit it with a coat of paint.

I screwed it into position. I put some paper behind it because I was too impatient to let the paint fully dry.

And locked the couch together.  It seems to work perfectly.  Hopefully it continues to hold. 

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